The Importance of Website Architecture

The Importance of Website Architecture

Website architecture is an expansive and technical subject which can have a real effect on your websites’ usability as well as your search engine visibility and rankings.

In this post I will attempt to explain some of the more important elements of site architecture which when implemented can lead to real benefits for your business.

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PPC Resolutions For Ecommerce Sites In 2013

PPC Resolutions For Ecommerce Site In 2013 Illustration

With the start of a new year, it’s a perfect time to re-evaluate your strategies and set goals for the year ahead. Here are my suggestions for five new year’s resolutions for ecommerce sites to get the most from PPC in 2013:

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Corporate Social Responsibility In An Online Context

Corporate Social Responsibility In An Online Context Illustration

Corporate Social Responsibility (or ‘CSR’) is without doubt one of the latest corporate buzz phrases batted about in marketing meetings but is a valuable part of your business strategy not to be ignored.

There are many definitions of CSR, but in a nutshell it’s about behaving ethically, sustainably and having a positive impact on society. Corporate Social Responsibility should be part of your business’ core values and is becoming increasingly important. Consumers have become savvier about how businesses operate and have much higher expectations on how products are sourced and profits are managed. If your website can’t provide them with clear information, a competitor’s website is likely to!

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Image Consistency And Brand Identity Through Product Photography

Image Consistency And Brand Identity Through Product Photography Illustration

When buying online, we lose the advantage of being able to handle the product before we purchase it. Often the only portrayal of the product that we see is through images provided by the online retailer. In this blog post we will be thinking about how we as retailers visually represent our products.

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Progressive Brand Development To Prevent Stagnation

Progressive Brand Dev To Prevent Stagnation Illustration

Following on from my last post on brand voice, I’m going to try to offer some helpful advice on how to maintain brand consistency and yet push forward so you don’t stagnate.

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Prepare Your Web Server For Christmas

Prepare Your Web Server For Christmas Illustration

It’s Nearly Christmas!

Christmas is traditionally a peak time of year for online retail (if Christmas isn’t your peak, the following advice still applies for your own peaks), but the question is: are you ready?
You should be. It’s not far away now and it’s important that you’re prepared. The rest of this article is going to be a little technical, but I hope you follow the theme and can direct the appropriate questions to your techie people.

First port of call should be to explain why this is important (it should be obvious). Consumers have high expectations these days. They expect your site to work and respond quickly. If it doesn’t, chances are Google (and thus a competitor) are just a click away. Worse still, if your site doesn’t respond at all that’d be even worse for your image.

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Reduce Bounce Rates With Good E-Commerce Website Design

Reduce Bounce Rate With Good E-Commerce Website Design Illustration

Good bounce rates are the target of any website, but particularly to sites hoping to sell their products to their visitors. Essentially, your bounce rate is the number of visitors who land on your site, but do not go onto visit any other pages within your site, or who leave immediately. This means that for whatever reason, your site has not managed to capture the interest or imagination of the visitor so they have not stuck around long enough to investigate further, meaning they are missing out on the great things your pages can offer them. Ultimately, they are not present on your website long enough to buy anything. But with good e-commerce website design you can begin to successfully reduce your bounce rate and convert visitors to sales.

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The Importance of Customer Service For Online Retailers

The Importance of Customer Service For Online Retailers Illustration

Great customer service leads to loyal customers which is a key element of customer retention. From my previous post on customer retention, you’ll know how extremely important this is to growing and building your business as profitably as you can. It’s easy to forget your online customers because you can’t physically ‘see’ them or interact with them face to face, however this doesn’t mean that their needs aren’t as real as in-store customers. We’ve come to expect that great customer service is felt and experienced when shopping on the high street and that when buying online, customer service isn’t seen to be as important due to most customers completing the basket without any real need for personal interaction.

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Using Google Analytics For Keyword Research

Using Google Analytics For Keyword Research Illustration

An important part of search engine marketing centres around keyword research. In an ideal situation eCommerce catalogue pages and pay per click advertising are optimised for or explicitly target keywords and phrases which are used in search by users who are your potential customers. To do any of this of course you first need to work out which keywords and phrases to target.

Google Analytics can form part of this research as it can give you a great idea of what keywords and phrases are already winning traffic for your site; and how well they are performing. This will directly or indirectly suggest keywords and phrases to target and optimise content and advertising for. Here I will quickly go over some set-up required for getting the best out of Analytics as well as introduce a few reports which lend themselves to keyword research.

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Securing E-Commerce

Without wanting to sound too much like a hard task master, if you’re not taking security seriously, you shouldn’t be selling online. A lot of marketing blogs and publishers will spend a great deal of time talking about brand voice, SEO and social media. All the hard work you put into your business following such great advice could all be for naught if your security considerations aren’t up to scratch.

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